Brand Value - [ Always tracing the upstream of manufacturing ]

                                     [ 常にものづくりの上流を追うこと ]


1. use fabrics with soft-feeling focused on 100% natural fibers functionality (effect of wearing).

2. produce in a sustainable way using natural processing that make the most of ecosystem, 

    considering the global environment and resource recycling, in the yarn & dyeing processing.

3. public the origin and production background

4. obtaining international certification that respects fair trade for produced yarns & fabrics.

1. 100%天然繊維の機能性(着用の効果)にこだわった肌触りの良い生地を使用すること。

2. 糸の紡績と染色加工において、地球環境と資源循環を考慮し、生態系を最大限に活かした自然製法で持続可能な生産をすること。

3. 原産地と生産背景を公開すること。

4. 国際認証機関に認証された糸及び生地を使用し、さらに第三者検査機関にてその組成と物性の証明を取得すること。

About Our products we focus on


specializes in products with “the fiber functionality with nice hand-feeling”, so mainly produce clothing that touch skin directly - especially inner wear, bed linen etc at bedtime.

Nightwear, Nightgown, Skin care goods, Baby-wear, Bed-fitted sheets, Pillow cover, Towels, Scarf etc.

By learning and using the functionality of natural fiber, improve the health of skin problem and the quality of sleep. It’s very hygienic for weak skin, atopy, dry skin and baby with delicate skin.




Natural fibers : place of origin & spinning

Mulberry Silk : Karnataka (India)

Flax Linen : Belgium

Organic Cotton : Tamil Nadu (India)

Raw Bamboo : Tamil Nadu (India)

Weaving place

Tamil Nadu (India)

Takeo (Cambodia) : for Haute couture

We have developed the best fiber combinations suitable for each product with checking yarn count, density, weight and weaving way such a plain, pile, waffle, gauze by product comfort.


Sewing place

Phnom Penh (Cambodia)Japan Quality Sewing Organization

Reason for basing in Cambodia :

Cambodia has a high potential for sewing & hand-weave industries and national character full of hospitality, so decided them our business partner. However there is little textile industry in Cambodia, so only 100% natural fibers we carefully have selected with our own eyes have been imported mainly from Asia. So we have created the ideal environment with fully their ability here, for taking over good sewing craftsman's skill to young craftsman who pursuit of quality. We progress positively in educating in quality improvement, pattern efficiency etc through developing products for our brand.